Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The Feel formula is approved for use by the Ministry of Health and conforms to the Ministry of Health’s Food Administration GMP standards of proper production conditions.

Yes, the formula contains only natural substances.

Weight loss is individual and varies from person to person. That said, our customer experience indicates a decrease of between 3 to 6 kg per month.

After 10 days of taking the formula, you can feel a significant decrease in the amount of food you consume. There is also a feeling of satiety throughout the day and a decrease in sugar cravings. This process leads to weight loss over a period of 10 days, a month, or more.

We recommend taking the formula before dinner, but it entirely depends on your personal preference.

One bottle of Feel formula contains 100 capsules that are taken 3 times a day, or enough doses for about a month.

The Feel formula is certified Kosher Mehadrin by Chug Chatam Sofer. The Mehadrin certification allows everyone who keeps Kosher to enjoy weight loss without halachic compromises.

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