Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia is a tree originating in South Asia mainly in the tropical regions of Indonesia, the fruits of Garcinia Cambogia are yellow/green fruits similar to pumpkin and their bark is known and known as an important and nutritious food source.
The fruits of the tree are dried in a special process and ground into a powder which is transferred to the capsule.

Garcinia Cambogia has been tested and tried by many users in the country and around the world, and the results indicate that using Garcinia Cambogia is beneficial for weight loss.
The capsules contain natural substances with the main ingredient being hydrocarbon citrate which increases the weight loss and metabolism in the human body helps to cleanse the blood and convert fat to energy.

Hydroxycitric acid helps prevent fat cell formation and helps the fat burning process and significantly reduces the need for eating.
The effect of Garcia Cambogia can be felt even after a few days. Its impact is relatively slow on the body systems, and it works mainly on the lipid synthesis and also causes a sharp increase in serotonin levels and thus actually increases satiety throughout the day.

Garcinia Cambogia is a natural and highly recommended dietary supplement that helps in the weight loss process. Many studies have been done to prove the effectiveness of Hydroxycitric acid for weight loss and the treatment of diabetes and high blood pressure.


Guarana is a shrub that originated in the Amazon in very humid climates. The guarana fruit contains natural compounds that have numerous positive effects on our bodies.

The name Guarana originates from the “Guarani” tribe that lived in the ancient tribes that lived in the Amazon region already used the guarana fruit by tea infusions that help in healing the body and encouraging the soul.

The plant has developed durability and is considered to be a plant with stimulating properties. The plant contains high concentrations of minerals, vitamins and amino acids, and the plant seeds naturally contain a high dose of caffeine. In addition to lecturing and stimulating, caffeine has been linked to support weight loss processes.

Guarana not only provides a vital boost to our physical and mental abilities and raises energy levels in the body, but it also contributes to and helps the process of weight loss and weight loss. Fruit intake encourages the body’s nervous system to drive liposuction – the natural process through which fats are released into the bloodstream and become the energy that allows us to exercise.

In a study involving two groups of overweight subjects, it was found that members of the group who received treatment using a mixture of guarana extract managed to lose weight significantly more than the group members who received treatment with a dummy drug as the fruit is known and known for its properties as a hunger inhibitor.

One of the main advantages of the guarana is the ability to provide our bodies with a large amount of energy entirely naturally, in place of the high concentration of caffeine found in fruit (even higher than in coffee beans).

For a maximum of 45 minutes, and then a rapid drop in level, the guarana intake provides no less than 150 minutes of sustained alertness! This makes the guarana a natural and recommended stimulant to use, enabling you to enjoy a stable and long-term energy supply.

Guarana intake may strengthen and improve bowel movement, which can significantly benefit those suffering from constipation. Guarana is also useful in treating other digestive problems, such as diarrhoea and gases. It also cleans the system of various toxins and speeds up the production of essential gastric juices.

Guarana helps us achieve mental arousal, the plethora of active ingredients in the guarana work together and give our minds the ability to stay alert and focused on the virtues of the fruit in improving the blood circulation rate in our body and can also solve headache and migraine problems.

The high caffeine level in guarana helps us to reduce stress, stress and soothe a good, pleasant feeling on the body and mind.

The conclusion is evident that using a dietary supplement containing guarana will not only help us lose weight but will give our bodies and souls additional and beneficial benefits.


Perhaps the best-known plant in the world, Gymnema extract is derived from traditional Indian medicine, which is a dominant ingredient in many slimming products.

Gymnema helps treat diabetes, improves the absorption of sugar in the body and encourages insulin production. Many studies show that long-term use of the plant reduces blood sugar levels.

In a series of medical articles from 1990, it was stated that the acids in the plant’s solvents aid in the passage of insulin and therefore serve as a helpful drug for diabetic patients and helps to build pancreatic beta cells.

Gymnema is known for its ability to inhibit the taste of sweetness in the taste buds in the tongue and is therefore used in Indian herbal medicine to regulate the craving for sweet foods.

It helps balance blood sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides. Supports the weight loss process and encourages the metabolic process in the body, contributing to the increased production of beta cells leading to insulin production. Besides, it streamlines the sugar absorption process in cells.

Indian medicine has been using Gymnema for thousands of years to balance blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. In India, the plant is called “Gurmar” which means killing sugar. Research shows that using a plant helps lower blood lipid levels and is also useful for treating obesity.

The Gymnema contains a type of acid with anti-inflammatory properties. Also, research shows that consumption of the plant in a way causes the sweet taste in the oral cavity to be neutralized.

The role of insulin is to balance blood sugar and prevent its sharp rise, the use of the gymnast supplement helps increase the amount of insulin secreted which causes its attachment to the cell receptors that stimulate cellular uptake and lowering of blood levels.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid

Linoleic acid is an essential unsaturated fatty acid which is not produced by the body and can only be obtained from external sources such as food.

The importance of the acid in the body is to produce arachidonic acid when the process is essential for the synthesis of prostaglandin found in cell membranes lipids. Linoleic acid is common in vegetable oils and especially in poppy oil, sunflower and corn when it is deficient in hair loss, dry hair and delay in wound healing.

Linoleic acid maintains the skin’s opacity to water and is essential for the production of arachidonic acid necessary for the production of prostaglandins and thrombocytes – lipids similar in function and structure to the essential hormones for blood clotting processes.

The acid participates in the metabolic processes as part of a long metabolic chain. Another type of linoleic acid is found in breast milk and is not found in any other dairy, hence one of the leading health benefits of breast milk. Linoleic acid has been found to have a positive effect on dry skin rehabilitation and contributes to the treatment of acne problems.

CLA Linoleic Fatty Acid – An omega-6 combination acid found mainly in meat, milk and vegetable oils. Today, it is a popular dietary supplement that helps build muscle mass and weight loss.

This linoleic acid consists of two forms of fatty acids, one of which increases muscle mass, and the other prevents fat storage in tissues. Acid is linked to metabolic processes and is not produced in the body but comes from food mainly from meat and milk.

The effect of the linoleic acids have tested to contribute to several health aspects that help maintain the body and its processes:

Foods containing linoleic acid reduce the level of bad cholesterol in HDL and prevent the progression of atherosclerosis.

The acid contributes to a positive and right balance between the types of cholesterol.

Blocking the spread of malignant tumours and preventing the development of carcinogenic mechanisms.

Prevention of insulin resistance and fatty liver formation.

Prevention of obesity.

Contribute to the regeneration of skin cells and maintaining its vitality.