Get to know the best weight-loss formula in Israel

If you’re here, you’re probably familiar with the constant struggle against weight gain.

Like many others, you may have had failed encounters with meal plans that promised you safe weight loss, or tried to keep up with various types of physical training without success.

Our modern lifestyle, stress and the crowded schedule that most of us have to contend with don’t always allow us to invest the necessary time and energy in ourselves to meet all the conditions that a slimming diet requires.

The result? Lack of energy, continual fatigue and significant weight gain.

It's time you invest in yourself

The Feel formula doesn’t offer magical solutions, but it does promise to help with the slimming process by eliminating most of the obstacles along the way.

Hunger: The formula’s components work on the body’s systems from within, producing a long-lasting sense of satiety that helps you keep to your diet’s guidelines all day long.

Sugar Cravings: The formula helps eliminate sugar cravings—removing another obstacle on the way to safe and significant weight loss.

Fats: The formula aids your body’s fat-burning process and impedes the formation of new fat cells.

Weight gain occurs due to two main reasons:

Overeating: People consume a greater amount of food than their bodies require (a phenomenon also known as “emotional eating”).

Slow metabolism: Mainly affected by age and genetics

What are the causes of overeating?

Overeating is influenced by a number of physical and emotional factors: low energy levels, inaction and idleness, bad relationships, lack of self-actualization, depression, chronic fatigue and more.

These factors increase the body’s dependence on food due to the need to ease and silence any perceived emotional difficulties. In contrast, sugar cravings are mostly caused by your brain.

The human brain seeks to end a less-than-successful day with something sweet; hence, it begins to form a habit of consuming sugar daily and in ever-increasing amounts over time.

Like a vehicle that needs fuel to operate, the human body uses the “fuel” most available to it: sugar. Sugar raises your body’s insulin levels and creates a false sense of hunger that triggers overeating.


The formula that changes the rules of the game

This is where the Feel formula comes into play. It suppresses the urge to overeat, helps eliminate sugar cravings and encourages the body’s natural fat-burning process. The Feel formula guides you through the weight-loss process, so you can achieve the desired result in the healthiest and fastest way possible.

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