Natural formula for safe weight loss

Want to get rid of excess weight? Meet Feel

The feel formula shines a new light on the slimming world. No more magic formulas and false promises, this time you will do the work and the formula will make it easier for you achieve the weight loss target.

Feel is a unique and natural formula that helps us succeed in the slimming process. A combination of unique herbs that gives our bodies a sense of satiety for most of the day, eliminating the cravings for sweetness and assisting the fat burning process, thereby supporting total body weight loss.

What does the Formula contain?

Garcinia Cambogia

Gives a sense of satiety and
supports healthy digestion

Garcinia Cambodia is a tree that originates in South Asia. Its fruits are reminiscent of a small pumpkin. The fruits contain the necessary ingredients to speed up the metabolism, encourage fat burning and prevent the formation of new fat cells.


Improves vigour and
helps the fat burning process

This fruit encourages the body’s nervous system to drive liposuction – the natural process through which fats are released into the bloodstream and become the energy that allows us to exercise.


Prevents the cravings for sugars

This extract improves the digestion of sugars in the body and the production of insulin. Gymnema is known for delaying the craving for a sweet taste.

Made in israel

Approved by the
Ministry of Health

GMP Approved